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Please send me any pictures of Old Ships, Ports or Maritime bits and pieces you have, so I can include them in the galleries.


“I have been drawing and painting ships and nautical scenes since a child, having been brought up and lived all my life on the banks of the River Medina at Cowes on the Isle of Wight, and I have always had an interest in the ships and shipping using the Solent approaching the busy port of Southampton which I watch every day from my waterside studio. Although I specialise in depicting atmospheric scenes of old shipping, trying to catch the romance of a bygone era, I am equally at home with today’s shipping. My subjects also include the last days of commercial sailing vessels particularly sailing barges and larger sailing ships. Although I like the old days, I also paint modern shipping scenes. Much of my work is in watercolour, but I also produce works using acrylics and oils. My paintings have gone to many private collections, including those of William H. Miller the American Cruise Lecturer, and author of over 60 books on Ocean Liners and Shipping subjects, to Dame Ellen MacArthur, as well as a commission for a painting and prints for the Maritime Propulsion Journal 'The Motor Ship', the painting being commissioned by them to commemorate their 85th Year of publication.”                                     


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“You might be retired from a life at sea of just interested in ships and the sea. You may have seen your old ship in the Old Ship Picture Gallery, and would like a painting of it that captures that atmosphere of that bygone era of shipping. You may have been on a cruise or in your younger days traveled between continents on an old steamship. Treat yourself to a painting of that ship or make a gift of a painting of the ship that a relative or friend has served or traveled on. It would certainly bring them great pleasure. You may of course be one of the many people who just gain pleasure by owning a painting, be it of that bygone era or the shipping of today.

If the ship you require is not in the Old Ship Picture Gallery, I have extensive historical shipping resources, and I can probably find a picture of the required vessel for your painting.

I accept commissions from shipping companies, maritime organisations or publications celebrating an company anniversary. I can provide an impression of a new build vessel for publicity material. I can also supply an original painting of an old ship or maritime scene you can display in your offices, plus a number of limited addition prints for valued customers and publicity material.

Please e-mail, telephone or write to me to discuss your requirements.”

Tony Westmore

Tony Westmore
29 Queens Road
Isle of Wight
PO31 8BW

Tel: (01983) 295550

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