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Naval, Army, Air Force, Coastguard, Tugs, Light Vessels, Fishing Vessels and Police vessels where the name is unknown or identified by a number only are listed in 'Other'. Where the name is known, it will be listed under it's name.

As none of the pictures are mine, and they come from thousands of unknown sources I am not in a position to grant permission to use any picture, and for the majority of pictures the copyright status is unknown. If you see a picture that is your copyright please e-mail me and I will remove it or credit you, whatever your wish, on the next site update. This is purely a hobby site and brings together thousands of pictures so people can use them for research purposes or just enjoy looking at old ships. I do not supply, buy or sell pictures and postcards, nor can I supply high resolution copies of any of the pictures. To obtain old ship pictures, please use one of the many ship picture suppliers that can be found in shipping periodicals and on the Internet. I am also not an encyclopaedia about old ships or shipping companies - please no more enquiries about details of old ships - try Google or one of the shipping registers. I welcome e mails telling me about spelling mistakes, duplicate pictures or errors on this site, or if you want send me old ship pictures for the gallery. You are welcome to link to this site but please no more requests for a reciprocal link otherwise I would be always updating the site. I occasionally change the page references as more pictures are added, so if you link to an individual ship picture, you may find the link may become broken over time.